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    • 聯系人:陳安才
    • 電話:0376-6335080
    • 手機:(0)13513766977
    • 傳真:0376-6333594
    • 郵編:464000
    • 網址:www.845387.com
    • 郵箱:hnsanu@163.com
    • 地址:河南省信陽市312與107國道立交橋向北500米

           Xinyang Sanyou Transportation Machinery co,Ltd is a stock Company turning rfom a state-owned Company.The Company is over a Long peired of time Cooperating with Some scientific Research institutions.Such as;Qing hua university,Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Academy,Scientific Research institute of Communications Ministry,\Beijing crane Transportation Machinery Research Institute etc, and receiving their great support in teachnique which has made our technique develop considerably.The company is a sold undertaken manufacturer of important new technique promotion project-air Cushio belt type conveying machineries appointed by the ministry of communications.Through the “Enghth five-year plan”technical innovation project set by the ministry of machinery industry and the “Ninth five-yearplan” two consolidation innovation project set by the National Economic and Trade Committee, now the company,With first class technology and first-class equipment, possesses many special purpose production lines, Thus.

           The plant is a professional manufacturer of many kinds of conveyors, and a supplier of auxiliary service to all kinds of conveyors.The main products is:air-cushion belt-type conceyors.In addition,the plane is also a manufacturer of DT II roll conveyors,TD75roll conveyors,DX powerful roll conveyors and other non-standard conveying equipmens for special purpose.Besides,the plane also undertakes designing and manufacturing singer or multi-machine automatic control systems.

    Through two phases of technical innovation,the plant,with first-class technology,possessing 218 sets of meatal working lathes and surface treatment equiments,owns special purpose production line of precision digital-control machine tools.thus, the technology in the plant ranks a leading position in the same field in the country.

    The products, with advanced technology,reliable performance,best commercial reputation,are selling well in some 20 procinces and autonomous regions,and are widely used in the fields of seaport dock,electricity,cereals reserve and transportation,metallurgy,construction materal,mine,chemical industry,salt industry and many others.The products many times are provided necessary service to national key projects,and are welcome and trusted by the customers.

    In order t provide complete and considerate service to the customers,the plant has set up a professional installation company for convereying equipment and control systems,to provide onsite installation,test run,load run and turn-key service.

    The plant pursuses the motto of “service first,reputation first and customers first”,and wholeheartedly provides postseling service.

         The company’s chairman ZhangBoHui and General manager Deng shou xuan,together with all staff members cordially welcome old and new customers forcommercial negotiation and friendly cooperation.